beautiful-18616_1920Jane is an illustrative designer who is always experimenting with new ways to create effective solutions with personality. Her designs are often vibrant, cheerful and they definitely do not shy away from color. Although she has a definitive style, she strives to please clients making her skills adaptable to a project’s needs. At Destiny Web Design, Jane works closely with clients to capture their visions, create engaging visual experiences in order to bring their unique ideas to life. As an illustrative designer, Jane brings a fresh, fun and functional skill set to the Destiny Web Design team.

Jane graduated from The Art Institute with a B.F.A in Graphic Design in 2011. Due to her illustration skills, her work has been highlighted in several online design publications. Her most noted being a self-promotion piece in the November 2012 issue of CArts, the world’s best-selling magazine for digital artists and designers. Her characterful self-promotion is a unique yet transparent piece that tells us a lot about herself as an illustrator and designer. When Jane isn’t busy captivating clients with her innovative designs, she enjoys playing video games, watching foreign dramas, reading and hanging out with her cats.